There are about 1 billion people who are without clean water in the world.

Everyone knows the special essintials in life is what keeps us thriving. One of them is water. Water is the root to life and is very important to have because it hydrates, keeps us clean and is used for many things such farming. Clean water, however, is not easily obtained by everyone and this is a worldwide problem because without clean water or clean water sources a community can become sick with water borne diseases, can not keep themselves clean, and can not grow their vegetables to eat . picture Take a look around this website and explore what problems many countries face with dirty water and what potential solutions there are avaiable. Every day there are people searching for clean and available sources of water to keep them selves healthy, clean, and fed. Because of the scarcity of clean water, there are negative chain reactions that affect a whole community. This website is to inform you about water scarcity and the effects that go along with it. Maybe you can be inspired to do something about this world wide problem. picture This website is about one of the many world wide problems: water. You can get more involved just by gaining basic knowledge about the scarciy of water and think about solutions that can be revolutionary for the communities that are in need of clean, attainable, water. This website will provide abundant of sources and information that can inspire your interest in pursueing the solution to water scarcity. Look and explore through the links videos and whatever else this page offers... Enjoy.