The Problem

pic This problem is known as the scarcity of clean water. It is a fact that there are 1 billion people who do not have access to clean water and many of these people come from less developed contries like Ethiopia or Afghanistan. Not having clean water affects communities because it is not hydrating enough people, cleaning is not done as often, water borne diseases can occur from dirty water, and too much time consumed to desperately find water. All of these negative impacts create a chain of of other impacts like lack of education, money, and even war for water.

Places Affected

pic These are some of the coutries that are affected by lack of clean water: Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Chad, Cambodia, Laos, Haiti, Ghana, India, Rwanda, and Bangladesh


pic Drinking water that is not clean can lead to serious diseases which leads to fatal cases. Water can get easily contaminated and once it does it should not be considered edible. However, in third world countires or less developed countries they have no choice than to open their options to drinking water that can be polluted with feces (human or animal), dirt, particles of paper, plastic, aluminum, and so many more of other pollutants. This is usually the case because since there is scarce amounts of water, and considering the fact that water is use to drink, bathe, wash, and almost in everything, it is easily at the risk of contamination. Some of the diseases are, Botulism, Cholera and Dysentery. These ARE ONLY SOME. These diseases can be fatal because it is bacteria contaminationg your body from the inside or outside (in such way you come in contact with the dirty water) and can kill if not treated. Many kids suffer from this more than adults. The side affects are dirreah, nausia, weight lost, fatique and even herpes.


pic Education is crucial in which it opens a lot of opportunites to change and grow. Water, surprisingly can be an obstacle of education especially towards women. In places like Africa, education is offered but because water is vital. Therfore students will usually miss class to be able to attain their water supply. This cuts down on their learning time and they are missin and falling behind. This is known as a problem because if someone does not get educated about something he will always see it the same. With an education, poverty can be changed by understandinge where the problem was at in the first place. It an unfortunate event that cycles because of the lack of clean water avaiable in home. Even teachers, if they become ill, classes are to be cancelled. Women, who do the duty of water collecting more often, will miss because of their mentrual cycles and they cant keep clean at school because of the lack of toilets.